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MTS is your inspection center in Dane Country and beyond. We do them right, we get them done fast so you can keep your fleet on the road.

DOT Inspections, Internal Pressure Tank, Internal Tank Inspection, Leak Test Tank Inspection, Liner Tank Inspection, R-Stamp Certified Repair, Tank Overload System, Thickness Tank Inspection, Dry Van, Reefer and Heavy Haul

Truck/Trailer Body Repair

We offer high-quality custom trailer repair and fabrication services.  Our certified team use industry-leading equipment and the latest techniques to make sure that your trailer will meet your exact needs. Welding, customizations, restoration for your trailer


Our team are experts working with suspension and axle systems for all semi-trailers from any manufacturer. We specialize in suspension repair, rebuilding, and alignment, spring and bushing replacement, and air-bag replacement. Whether it’s preventative maintenance or a major repair, our technicians will get you back on the road safely.

Technology / Electrical

The increased complexity and workload to today’s electrical system on your commercial vehicle requires more than a test light to get you on the road quickly and efficiently. Diagnosing and repairing todays standard and multiplexed electrical systems anti-lock braking system, roll-stability system, lift axles, or base electrical system, Midwest has the people and equipment to get your commercial vehicle making money for you, effectively.

Customizations, Aero, Upgrades, and more

MWT is the place to customize your trailer. Whether is upgrades to your new trailer purchase or modernizing your exiting rig, our expert staff will assist with spec, design, installation and testing. The latest in Lighting, Electrical, Aero, Brakes, Suspension and all the latest accessories, we have you covered.


Disc or drum, 17.5″ diameter tire to 22.5″, Midwest has the parts selection and experience to keep you covered. Brake system diagnosis, repair or replacement is Midwest’s specialty. Rotors, drums, pads or linings, whatever you have we have the people and the pieces needed to for your profitability. Have a squeak, growl or howl? Call our service team for your truck or trailer today.


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